The equipment is used for the laboratory exercises in the following obligatory courses:

Students that fail during the laboratory examination are obliged to attend again in the following year.

Dr. Minas Dasygenis is currently teaching the courses (both lectures & laboratories): (MK20) Computer Architecture, (MK22) Operating Systems, (MK34) Parallel and Distributed Systems, (Y10) Embedded Systems

Due to the nature of the compulsory courses, the number of students enrolled every semester in each course is over 70. In order to be able to support this large number of students, Dr. Minas Dasygenis utilizes some asynchronous education websites (either open source, or designed by himself and his team). The following websites are used in each course:

  • E-class, for lecture notes, exercises and announcements. .
  • I-schedule, for time management, like appointments for office hours, scheduling personal examinations or demonstration of exercises (developed in-lab).
  • I-grades, for detailed student grade management and personal student messages (developed in-lab).
  • I-exams, for automatic personal examination system using random multiple choice questions, from category pools (developed in-lab).
  • Anonymous Feedback , for receiving anonymous comments or messages from students that help to develop and enchance the courses (developed in-lab).