Minas Dasygenis
Minas Dasygenis photo First Name / Surname: Minas Dasygenis
Occupation: Lecturer
Website: http://arch.icte.uowm.gr/mdasyg
Degree: Electrical and Computer Engineer, PhD
Resarch Gate:
Minas Dasygenis
Contact Info
  • E-mail:
    mdasygenis at uowm.gr
  • Real mail: Department of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Karamanli and Ligeris Str. Kozani, Greece GR-50100 Greece
  • Telephone: +30 24610 56534
  • Fax: +30 24610 56501
  • Electronic Appointment System:
  • Other means of communication (gmail, sip, voip, skype, msn, click2call, mobile, vivaphone, icq) available upon request via email.
Electronic Appointments
  • Dr. Dasygenis accepts students only by electronic appointment, during his office hours. Students can apply for an electronic appointment using the online
    i-schedule system
  • Only non-students can request an appointment by telephone or by email.