Lego System Guidance For Visual Ιmpairment

Design and implementation of a guidance system for the visual Ιmpairment using lego ev3 building blocks

Overview of lego system guidance full project.

Development Team:
Aikaterini Mangiroglou
Christos Chaschatzis
Sotiria Papanikopoulou

Supervision :
Dr. Minas Dasygenis


Lego system guidance is a wearable jacket made of lego ev3 and consists of three sensors and one intelligent brick which helps the user to understand if there is an object in front of him with the help of appropriate sounds. The project was made for the Festival i2fest 2017.


The guidance system consists of several Lego Mindstorm ev3 componets (LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set).

  • Lego ev3 Intelligent brick x1
  • Ultra sonic lego x2(Range 1 of 250 cm)
  • Touch sensor x1
  • Tracks
  • Cables x3
  • Brick 2x05
  • Technic brick 7x03
  • Technic brick 6x09
  • Technic brick 6x11
  • Technic brick 2x13
  • Technic brick 8x15
  • HTO V Beam 90 Degrees
  • Connector bus x70
  • Other x40(plus extensions for smaller size)

Lego System Guidance overview
Overview of Lego Sytsem Guidance where all types of the components are shown.

Project in action Initially, the project boot by pressing the touch sensor which is located on the front side of project. Then, 2 lego ev3 ultrasonic sensors which are located on the front side start to produce different sounds. Τhe first one, has 90 degrees difference from the ground and produces an intermittent unique sound which tells the user it has an object in 50cm of him. More specifically, starts beeping from the 60cm and detects particularly large objects such as people, walls etc.The second, is adjustable i.e. the degrees of the sensor from the ground depending on the height of the user and and starts to produce sound from a distance of 160cm which is different from the first ultrasonic, as near approaching the user at obstacle so most frequently becomes the sound produced and in 35cm begins to sound a continuous sound, detects particularly small or medium objects such as desks, chairs,terrace etc.At the end, we can shut down the program with the touch sensor.

Demonstration Video

or view it on Youtube
Lego ev3 mindstorm source code: Click here to download the code Greek Poster at i2fest Computing Festival i2fest Poster

Bill of Materials

Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 Core Set 45544 costs 470.36 € or you can buy it in pieces

NOTICE! is more expensive to buy separate the pieces than the whole set

( The listed prices are based on a greek distributor. )
ComponentQuantityUnit CostCost
LEGO Education EV3 Intelligent Brick1€ 248€ 248
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Touch Sensor1€ 23.50€ 23.50
LEGO Education EV3 Cable Pack 1€ 18.50€ 18.50
LEGO Education EV3 Ultrasonic2€ 40.30€ 80.60
Varius lego ev3 bricks195€ -€ 80
Total Cost € 450.60