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Computer Architecture

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Undergraduate (first cycle)

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Hours per week

4 (2 hours theory & 2 hours laboratory)


Minas Dasygenis (Lecturer)

Course content

Introduction to Computer Systems. Central Processing Unit organization and
architecture (CISC/RISC). Organization of Memory types. Memory Hierarchy.
Input-Output. Cache Memory. Datapath and CPU Control. Interrupts and
CPU support. Storage Systems. Multicore architectures. Performance of
Computer Systems. Microprogramming. Pipeline. Reliability Issues. Branch Prediction. Out of Order execution. Superscalar. VLIW

Laboratory assignments of x86 assembly language programming.

learning outcomes and competences to be acquired

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • the CPU types,

  • the architectural mechanisms for increasing CPU speed,

  • the CPU datapath,

  • the CPU pipeline,

  • the input/output mechanisms,

  • the peripheral interconnection to the CPU,

  • the data buses,

  • the cache memory operation,

  • the CPU control using assembly instructions

From the laboratory assignments, students will gain the abilities to:

  • use the layer of assembly programming,

  • understand the benefits and drawbacks of using assembly language,

  • develop and debug assembly programs,

  • understand all x86 assembly constructs,

  • understand input/output techniques in the x86 world,

  • understand how to manipulate strings,

  • use the software and hardware interrupts,

  • create interrupt handlers,

  • to visualize graphic elements using assembly.


Digital Design (not compulsory)

Teaching methods

Lectures, Powerpoint slides, Lecture Notes, in class quizzes, e-class, automated examination system i-exams, opencourses video lectures, laboratory exercises, semester group project.

Assessment methods

Written final theory exam 50%, final lab exam 10%, three mini exams 15%, 12 weekly laboratory exercises 10%, 1 semester team project 15% .

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