Wifi & Bluetooth Drawing Robot

Development Team :
Antonios Chatzisavvas
Panagiotis Pourgias
Supervision :
Dr. Minas Dasygenis

Drawing Robot was made as a semester project for the course Operating Systems of the University of western Macedonia, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications engineering.

Demonstration Video Design Drawing Robot consists of different parts, which are built with the use of a 3D printer and then they are assembled. The robot movement is controlled by a microprocessor Arduino Uno that is supplied with 6 batteries AA. A ULN2803A chip and two 5-volt engines are responsible for its movement as well as a Micro Servo engine that controls the pen’s position.
Α) The full control of the robot is done by a specially designed web page and with the use of an ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, which is responsible for the robot’s connection with the internet.
Β) The remote control of the robot is done with an android application and with the use of a Bluetooth Module. The application, except the simple remote control, also has the capability of vocal commands.

System Aims The evolution of technology gave the idea of developing robot «designers». We can find them in different forms and shapes. Because of their easy construction, they have been included at the educational robotics. People with special needs can also capture their thoughts and feelings on the paper with simple programming skills.

System application For the easier use of the robot, a code has been written that gives the opportunity to the user to easily determine the movements of the robot by entering the direction and the centimeters, the degrees and the direction of the rotation.
Website & ESP8266 Wifi Module: Through the website, the user has the ability to choose between 4 shapes that the robot will paint. Using PHP programming language, a code, which writes to a text file (.txt) the shape’s code (1-4) chosen by the user, has been developed. Then the ESP8266 undertakes to read from this file the selection code and send it sequentially to the Arduino Uno microprocessor.
Application & Bluetooth Module: It consists of 6 buttons in front, back, right, left, one for the control of the pen and the last one for the transferring the page where the user has the ability to handle the robot with his voice. The application connects to the robot with the help of a Bluetooth Module and sends the command requested by the user (e.g. forward, left) sequentially.

Aruino Drawing Robot 3D Parts Local Mirror
Aruino Source Code Drawing Robot Bluetooth [Arduino Code & Android application]:
Local Mirror

Drawing Robot Wifi [Arduino Code & ESP8266 Code & Website] :
Local Mirror

Drawing Robot Bluetooth Schematic [HC-05]

Drawing Robot Wifi Schematic [esp8266]

Bill of Materials

( The listed prices are based on a greek distributor. )
ComponentQuantityUnit CostCost
Arduino UNO R31€ 9.0€ 9.0
Geared 5V Stepper 28BYJ-48-5V2€ 2,39 € 4.78
ULN2803 Darlington Driver 1€ 0.65€ 0.65
Half-size breadboard1€ 3.0€ 3.0
Micro servo 1€ 3.50€ 3.50
2 x AA Holder 1€ 0.49€ 0.49
3 x AA Holder 1€ 0.85€ 0.85
470 uF 25V capacitor 1€ 0.10€ 0.10
7/8" ID x 1/8" O-ring 2€ 0.10€ 0.20
M3 x 8mm pan head screw15€ 0.05€ 0.75
Male-male jumpers 15€ 0.01€ 0.15
[Bluetooth Version] HC05 Bluetooth Module 1€ 7.50€ 7.50
[WIFI Version] ESP8266-01 WiFi Serial 1€ 5.50€ 5.50
[WIFI Version] Voltage Regulator 3.3v LD1117V33 1€ 0.50€ 0.50
[Bluetooth Version] Total Cost €30.97
[WIFI Version] Total Cost €29.47

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