UOWM Massacre: The Game

University of Western Macedonia

Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

Laboratory of Digital Systems and Computer Architecture

The concept

UOWM Massacre is free a First Person Shooter game made by three undergraduate students of University of Western Macedonia, under the supervision of Dr. Minas Dasygenis. Note that in our Department there is no course on Game Development, and thus all this storyboard, graphics, programming was done by the three students under supervision of their professor, which is a researcher on Embedded System Design.
Each player has the opportunity to get himself familiar with two of the department's major buildings, as all of the maps are an accurate scale of the real ones. Detailed measurements were made on all elements of the two buildings (classrooms, offices, corridors,..). Thus, somebody can get acquainted to the internal space of each building. Everything is accurate, with the obvious exception the lack of firearms and zombies in the real life. The game supports 3 game modes: Offline Train (target shooting), Multiplayer online, Offline Zombie Wave Shooting. The scores are kept online on the Laboratory's data base.

Train Offline

In offline training, the players have to discover all the rooms of the maps, find and shoot the moving targets as fast as possible.
As soon as they destroy all of the targets, they have the option of posting their time score on the game server, so they compete for a rank on the leaderboard.

Play Online

Online Play is another exciting BETA feature of the game. Players can create and join game rooms themselves. Standard mayhem rules apply, you need to be the last man standing.
Due to the free version of the game engine and the server plugins used for the development, there might be some jittering on the players, or other buggy behaviour.


The zombie apocalypse is today! You are locked to the university buildings and zombies are spawning at random rooms once in a while! How many waves can YOU survive?
No ammo? Don't worry. There is a full room with all the weapons you started with. All you need is game points; spend some and your ammo is full again.


In game, you have a wide variety of weapons to choose. The weapons used in the game are :
M9 - Pistol
M4 - Automatic
AK-47 - Automatic
Skorpion - Automatic
UMP-45 - Automatic
SPAS 13 - Shotgun
Grenade Launcher (Only on Zombie mode)


Game Developers :
  • Kortsaridis George
  • Kalampokis George
Buildings 3D model creator - designer :
  • Dalgitsis Anestis
Supervised by : The game was created with the free version of Unity3D game engine. All the weapon and people models were downloaded for free from unity Asset Store.
THIS IS A FREE GAME. YOU USE THIS GAME AT YOUR OWN RISK. To the best of the teams's knowledge there is no problem, but do check it and notify us if you find something.
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Video Review from a Professional Gamer

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You can download this for free at these links (~1 GByte per architecture):
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS